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Watch Sebastien Loeb Conquer Pikes Peak...from his POV.

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For those of you who weren't too fond of the helicopter footage with far too much chit-chat, Red Bull has released the in-car video of the record-shattering run of Loeb in his monstrous Peugeot. Maybe we'll even get a glimpse of those guys foolish enough to cross the road as he charged up the mountain. I don't know about you, but this is top-shelf, "Clench-till-the-end" material.


What's probably the strangest thing about the whole hillclimb is how utterly undramatic it is. You watch him ascend at what is obviously, to any sane person, a rate of speed that's way too fast... but he does so with 100% confidence and makes it look almost easy. Which it isn't.

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