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This is is the blog I photograph for, and we're all crazy car nerds.

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Do you like cars? Do you like Japanese sports cars, both new and classic? Do you like the drift/touge/expressway scene? Then you'll like It's a blog, site, and Facebook presence run by folks like your author, who absolutely love cars, car culture, tuning, and motorsport. Our contributors are in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. And our one goal is to keep promoting that passion, that love for all things that move us—very quickly—and that do so with dedication, attention to detail, and sometimes clever photography. They are a blog that I got involved with almost by accident. I'd shared some of my own photographic work with one of the founders of the site, and was invited on as a contributing photographer—an honor I could scarcely imagine!


So check out the main site (where we've got a great write up of a day spent at the Green Hell), or stop by our Facebook page for some car pornography. Our contributors visit racetracks, tuning garages, meet-ups in various countries, and generally enthuse about our one uniting mania: amazing automobiles. Enjoy!

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